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Wisconsin Food and Cooking

The Food Ways of Wisconsin: An Overview 
"What does “Wisconsin eat? It’s not just meat and potatoes---or cheese, brats and beer, for that matter… " 
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Fishing: The Tradition is Forever
"For a delicacy like [sturgeon roe], it's no wonder people stuff themselves into snowmobile suits, lay in unseeing wait and freeze their tushes off…"
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Hmong Flavor: An Ancient Cuisine Spices Up the State’s Culinary Culture
"The Hmong agrarian legacy has made its mark at farmers’ markets in Eau Claire, La Crosse, Madison and other towns where Hmong growers supply luscious-looking, affordable, and--to many shoppers--exotic produce..."
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Food and Sustainability

Seasonal Cooking:
Risotto, Polenta and Pan Noodle Cakes
"Like musicians who play regular gigs or mystery writers who vary their formula, cooks need a repertoire--a series of delicious, dependable dishes they know by heart and can alter with the season. Consider risotto, polenta and savory pan noodle cakes…"
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Going Wild – Cooking Foraged Foods
"Wild foods grow around us during every season of the year, but it’s in May, after months of heavy “indoor” fare, that fresh-flavored, nutrient-packed wild-gathered foods are at their most appealing…"
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Dandelion greens

Local Flavor, Local Support
"When cafe owners offer local specialties on their menus, they help preserve unique food traditions that might otherwise wither in today's fast-food culture. They also play a role in an economic network of support that helps preserve lo
cal businesses and farms…"
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Foodways and Culinary History

Wisconsin: The Big Cheese
"Cheesemaking wasn’t much on the minds of Wisconsin's early settlers, but many of them kept a cow or two to milk. Many of them also had old-world cheesemaking skills, which would soon come in very handy…"
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Beer, Brats and Beyond
"Quaffing isn’t the only way Wisconsinites savor beer. One beer-soaked specialty known and beloved by all is grilled bratwurst..."
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Change of Course: Food in Contemporary America
"What has transpired on the national front in contemporary times…has been called nothing less than a food revolution…."
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