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Double with the Works
(Sheboygan-Style Bratwurst Sandwich)

Makes 4 servings

In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, otherwise known as Bratwurst Capital of the Nation, brats are served two per bun with the toppings specified below. For an equally classic brat, use one brat per bun and toppings of your choice, such as sauerkraut, pepper relish and grilled onions

8 bratwurst sausages
2-3 bottles (each 12 ounces) Wisconsin beer
4 tablespoons Wisconsin butter (not margarine)
1 medium onion, thin-sliced

Large Sheboygan-style hard rolls (also called semmel buns) or wide brat buns
Toppings: pickles, stone-ground mustard, ketchup and diced onions

Grill brats slowly over low- to medium-hot coals, turning them often with tongs, until firm to the touch and browned all over, about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, bring the beer, butter and sliced onions to a slow simmer in a pot. Add the grilled brats (you can add a little water if necessary to cover the sausages) and turn heat down to lowest setting. Keep the brats warm in the mixture until ready to serve. (Many aficionados reverse this process—they simmer first, grill briefly and serve immediately.) To serve, use two brats per hard roll and add some of each of the toppings.
   Copyright by Terese Allen 2006