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What is “sustainable eating”? The best nutshell definition I know came from a college student: “Sustainable eating means food that is environmentally friendly, economically feasible and socially just.”

Another take I like is from the Stu Stein and Mary Hinds, authors of The Sustainable Kitchen and restaurateurs who are passionate about eating responsibly. Their goal, they wrote, is to “encourage a regional food supply and a strong local economy, maintain a sense of community, encourage earth stewardship, and protect the future of small to medium-size family farms." Sounds good to me.

However you define sustainable food, cooking it means emphasizing local, often organic, whole ingredients that are prepared in season--or preserved for the off-season months. Not every one can do this all the time, but each of us can do what we can. And we can support a sustainable food system in other ways: by learning where our food comes from, growing some of our own, advocating for policy change, volunteering for a local foods group or farm organization, and donating to the cause.

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